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Aboard Sailboat ETEL, we will guide you towards practically unmarked diving sites, with all the diversity of flora and fauna still preserved.

Off the beaten track of diving and training constraint.

You can practice with friends on sites with drop offs, caves and rugged reliefs. There you will meet, according to the season, large pelagics, sharks, manta rays, eagle rays, and any kind of open-water fish.


Diving is not your passion? No problem, there is sailing, swimming, the beach and the joy of being able to relax away from it all during our stops and our moorings.
You will also be able to closely observe the rich fauna and flora found on the coral day or night and be our guest to take photos as you wish.
You will discover beautiful coastal villages and meet genuine, warm and hospitable people.
You will come across dhows, outrigger canoes, that come to offer their products: fish, crabs, squids, and lobsters.


Map of the area

Put your mouse over the map and navigate to the magnifying glass with the mouse wheel.