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Surf Anakao

Looking for a new and unique surfing experience, for waves that are for only you, perfect throughout the year all in a tropical paradise? Madagascar is one of the last frontiers entirely unexplored for surfing on the planet.


Located in the middle of the Mozambique Channel to the northwest of the island of Reunion and Mauritius, Madagascar will reserve you a true surfing experience! (Don’t worry about this, Karim will let me know).


The Tulear Region has a 60 km section of coastline between Ifaty and Anakao that offers a total of 18 surf spots accessible by boat only.

12 of these spots are world class.
There is a left reef break that looks like a mini “Teahupoo” and there are two others that are twice as long as that of Saint Leu Reunion.
There is also a “right” that looks like “Kirra” in its heyday and wide varieties of waves for all levels of surfers. To top it off, it is possible to surf all year round as weather and climate conditions are excellent for surfing!